I saved the CBD for myself and others

Not if people are going to mess about the CBD if there should be or not at all. It is obviously in 2019. But I still couldn’t believe it.

For me, it goes without saying that it should.

Then if I have to beat myself bloody to make it happen then it must be so. I have no problem with that at all for the CBD. Today I am going to the Parliament House to talk about the right for all of us. Who want to use the CBD. The clock is just twelve and I’m on your way in now and feel how nervous I am.
I, as never ever, are usually. I usually just drive on.Now it was time to step in. And I had the papers with me what I would say. “Madam floor leader, this is about a dignified life for us who have more difficulty.”

Above all, thank you to the community for everything it does for us. It makes me very happy but the problem is that .. Then I paused a little before I continued. Without the CBD, we all find it difficult to live because we have so much pain throughout the body.

How can this be paid for when I hear your question? In our case, this should be part of the health insurance because this CBD is primarily to alleviate our pain. Which in turn causes you to have labor.
I take one take and drink water and continue.

When the CBD is in place

I and everyone can contribute with me in the jobs where people are missing the job. Then how long this discussion will take to get through plays me and the others no matter at all.
But I do not think you want to get rid of labor because we do not have access to the CBD. We want to help but then we need to get our CBD thanks to floor leader, thank you for that. Now we are going to make a decision in half an hour when everyone should consider what you have said. And then we will take you again thanks oh hey.

Now I had done mine and now it was just waiting for a message. I was nervous about it. Everything one had worked for could have succeeded or just gone up smoke.
Life could either be much easier or much harder no one knew if the CBD could be used. And if you could get to smile and feel good again.
Now it was time to go into the chamber and find out about his and others with the same life situation. CBD or not.

She who was the floor leader said we have now talked. And decided that CBD should not be included in the health insurance, we regret. I couldn’t believe what I had heard. Could be true I had failed. I just wanted to sink through the floor but it was just hacking that you hadn’t succeeded.

Once at home

you were just finished and took her last CBD because then you only drank spirits and I don’t remember how many days I did it. Then came a letter home from the Riksdag and I just thought what is it now. Have they not plagued me enough already. They wanted me to attend a new vote in the Parliament House in 12 hours. I just felt like jumping up and down because I was so happy.

The CBD may be possible anyway. I went in and I never thought I would come forward it felt like. When I entered the Chamber, floor leader sat there. And then she began to talk: “After thinking, we have realized that we made an error assessment. And we will approve the proposal that the CBD be included in the health insurance. I said nothing but just smiled over it and then I just went out and started jumping up and down. I had done that, we were now entitled to the CBD.

Now it was just to go out and celebrate

And feel that you will not ever have any pain anymore thanks to the CBD. It was not possible, people told me but that was apparently it. Now everyone in our country with problems had the right to get the CBD with their health insurance. Now I would go and get out the first bottle and it was longer that you were as relieved as at that time. This is just a proof of what you usually say, “shame on the one who gives up” and it also applied to the CBD.