What is a vape and how is it used?

Around 2000, the Chinese pharmacist and inventor Hon Lik developed what we call vape today.

He developed vape when his father passed away in lung cancer after a number of years of smoking.
Since the introduction of e cigg in the world around 2005. Millions of people have switched from tobacco in the form of cigarettes to using vape.

The development of e cigg is at a rapid pace. And more advanced products are coming to the market all the time. Vape comes from the American word “vapor”.

Vape unit

Cigalikes were the first vape to come and it looked like a regular cigarette. To the look and today most people look like pens that are filled with e-liquid. And are charged via usb or external charger. The design of vape is almost endless and the market worldwide is great. Many question what the ejuice of a vape contains and a foundation. And important part is that it does not contain any kind of tobacco.

The basic contents

Of an ejuice are propylene glycol (PG) (E1520) and vegetable glycerin (VG) (E422). Which are both approved by the National Food Administration and the pharmaceutical company. Today, vape is used in many different ways, for example there are mechanical, regulated, pens, mtl etc. You can use a tank, rda, rtta and rta. There is an option to satisfy all needs. Juices are available in 3, 6 & 12 mg for those who do not drive on mtl. What is then mtl? Well mtl means mouth to lung and is the alternative that most people with great craving for cigarettes use. There you have a higher nicotine content. And get a more tear in your throat and hence the feeling of smoking a cigarette. Even the airflow is narrower which gives one more cigarette like feeling, but with a much more healthier alternative.

Then we have vape for the more experienced. Who wants to have a lot of flavor and a lot of steam. I want to say is a mechanical vape. Mechanical or mech is unregulated and while 510 pin goes straight against the battery. Which does not provide any direct protection and therefore you cannot control your watt against battery amp.

A regulated vape mod

Gives you the ability to determine your watt strength and has a protection between battery. And rda / rta / rdta / tank and is an advantage for a beginner. There is a whole sea of ‚Äč‚Äčalternatives. And the recommendation is to always make contact with someone knowledgeable in the area. Before purchasing and to read about the various “laws” that exist within vape.